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Just Host cPanel cleanup script for Greasemonkey

by on Oct.23, 2009, under How To ..., Software

I finally decided to get my own domain and signed up with Just Host for the registration and hosting. For now I’m only using it to host this blog that originally started its life on Blogger. The transition was fairly smooth, save for a few minor issues. I’ll talk more about the steps involved a future post (a draft is already in the queue) …

Just Host offers cPanel as a web frontend for managing and running site related tasks. It’s quite a nice tool but there is one big problem. The interface is literally littered with a bunch of annoying ads and affiliate links. Even more annoying is the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any way of permanently moving these offending boxes to the bottom of the screen. This is where Greasemonkey comes in.

Greasemonkey is a nice little extension for Firefox that allows the execution user scripts to change the way a website looks. userscripts.org is a great place for finding scripts that work on major/popular sites on the internet. A search there didn’t turn up anything useful so I decided to write my own. Install Greasemonkey if you don’t have it already and then click on this link to get the script installed. I’ve also put up a copy on userscripts.org.

The script works by setting the ‘display’ style of the offending div boxes to ‘none’. Firebug is another great tool that makes it a breeze to find out the IDs of the divs that need to be blacklisted.

[Update 10-Nov-2009]: Looks like some sneaky new ads injected using Javascript have shown up on the cPanel sidebar. Unlike the old ad boxes however, these lack div IDs. As a result, it is not possible to simply blacklist them. Fortunately, it also means that it is possible to turn the table around by simply blocking the sidebar divs that have a null ID. The script has been updated.


Before applying greasemonkey script

Before applying greasemonkey script


After applying greasemonkey script

After applying greasemonkey script

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