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Console based MSN client

by on Nov.04, 2005, under Linux, Software

Earlier today I stumbled across a client for MSN Messenger that runs in a terminal! It’s called tmsnc.

The RPM had some dependencies that I could not solve so I decided to compile from source. Apart from a few minor issues, it looks great! There are some screenshots available here.

You might wonder why you need a text based MSN client; well, one can never have too many tools 🙂

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Open files from a terminal

by on Oct.05, 2005, under How To ..., Linux, Software

There’s lot that can be learned from the conversations on the fedora-list. Today I learnt of a nifty little tool called gnome-open. Basically you just type something like:

[darkknight@darkworld ~]$ gnome-open file.cpp

and voila! It figures out the default application (under GNOME) for the files of type *.cpp and opens the file using that default editor. I haven’t verified, but it seems that instead of a file an URL can also be specified. Mmm .. it definitely creates the possibility of writing portable scripts; at least on GNOME systems anyway 🙂

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