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Bypassing Microsoft’s “Genuine Advantage”

by on Sep.03, 2005, under How To ..., Software

Piece of cake; before clicking “Express” or “Custom” paste the following in the addressbar and hit enter:


Got this tip from here.

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Importing Firefox passwords from another profile

by on Aug.24, 2005, under How To ..., Software

It’s a lot simpler than I thought it would be – simply copy key3.db and signons.txt to the new profile and make sure they are writable.

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VPN from Linux (x86_64)

by on Aug.21, 2005, under How To ..., Linux, Software

The Cisco VPN client doesn’t seem to compile on the 64bit architecture. Well, open source to the rescue .. behold VPNC. Since the Cisco profile files are no good, I needed to decrypt the group password – which was a piece of cake thanks to the password decryptor on the site. They say it’s done through the command:

# ltrace -i ./vpnclient connect ... 2>&1 | fgrep 805ac57

I’ll try it for myself sometime.

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by on Aug.19, 2005, under Linux, Software

It seems FC4 has dropped the WebCollage screensaver. So I had to install it myself. It’s quite easy actually: just save the file to /usr/libexec/xscreensaver/ and you’re done (almost). I think it must also be owned by root and be executable by all. It’s a pretty cool screensaver – you never know what you’ll find 😉

Actually, the main reason I went hunting for it was to track down Driftnet. It’s a cool tool that essentially sniffs out images from the local network for you to see :D. Fortunately, it was available from the Dries rpm repo.

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