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Embedded multimedia in LateX/Prosper

by on Dec.01, 2007, under How To ..., LaTeX

The movie15 package by Alexander Grahn is useful for this purpose. The movies embedded, however, cannot be viewed with any PDF reader on Linux.

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Extracting Audio/Video

by on Dec.01, 2007, under How To ..., Linux, Software

It’s really easy to extract either audio or video from a multimedia file using ‘ffmpeg‘. To extract audio only:

$ ffmpeg -i inputfile -vn -acodec copy outputfile

And for video only, replace ‘-vn‘ with ‘-an‘ and ‘-acodec‘ with ‘-vcodec‘.

ffmpeg is also commonly used as a transcoding tool.

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Logo in a LaTeX document header/footer

by on Oct.22, 2007, under How To ..., LaTeX

Easily accomplished using the ‘fancyhdr‘ package:

\fancyhead[L]{}% empty left
\fancyhead[R]{ % right

All of that goes into the preamble of the document.

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Mass conversion of images

by on May.07, 2007, under How To ..., LaTeX, Linux, Software

The following “one-liner” can be used to mass convert a given image format into another using the convert (part of ImageMagick) and basename tools:

$ for A in $(ls *.$SRC_TYPE); do convert $A $(basename $A .$SRC_TYPE).$DST_TYPE; done

where $SRC_TYPE is the file suffix of the original images (e.g. png) and $DST_TYPE is the file suffix of the type desired (e.g. eps).

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Linux and DVD Regions

by on Apr.12, 2007, under How To ..., Linux, Software

Typically, Linux DVD playback software are capable of decrypting (libdvdcss must be installed) and playing back DVDs from any region, irrespective of the region code of the drive. Therefore, there should be no need to change the region code of the drive to watch discs from a different region. Regardless, there exists a very handy program that allows the user to change the region code and view other relevant information such as the number of changes remaining. It is called “regionset” and is available for Fedora from the Extras repository. The project website is:


There is also a useful article on Linux.com about DVD playback:

DVD Playback HOWTO

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