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To boldly go .. where??

by on Oct.10, 2005, under Uncategorized

This isn’t really TeX or Linux related but it’s pretty amazing .. while Stumbling along the net the other day, I came across this wonderful page:


The articles are a must read for anyone even slightly interested in the future. I find the concept of using von Neumann probes for space exploration quite intriguing.

While we’re still on the topic of the future, I just finished an article by Ray Kurzweil. It’s called Human 2.0 (September 24th issue of NewScientist). It basically predicts that by 2020 we’ll have $1000 machines with the intellectual capacity of the human brain.. and soon afterwards we’ll be augmenting and transcending our biological being with nanotechnology and other engineered parts .. It all sounds like mixed blessings .. guess I’ll find out soon enough. Cybernetic implants, here I come … 🙂

A lot of other interesting articles can be found at:


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